Formerly known as the California Association of LAFCOs, CALAFCO was initially formed in 1971.  It now serves as an umbrella organization dedicated to assisting the member LAFCOs with technical support and statewide communication. CALAFCO attempts to provide statewide coordination of LAFCO activities and provides representation before the State Legislature and other bodies on behalf of the LAFCOs.

An Executive Board consisting of 13 LAFCO Commissioners governs CALAFCO.  Of these, four are City members, four are County members, three are public members, and two are Special District members.  In addition, CALAFCO is served by an Executive Officer acting as the CALAFCO Executive Director, and a legal advisor, both of whom serve voluntarily in their capacity.  To accomplish the goals and objectives of the LAFCO, the Executive Board utilizes its resources and staff on a volunteer basis and utilizes a number of committees to effectuate its programs.  Among the activities included are a newsletter, a workshop program, and an annual conference.  More information about CALAFCO may be obtained by the Executive Officer or you may visit their site at