City of Brawley Brawley Boundary Brawley SOI
City of Calexico Calexico Boundary Map Calexico SOI
City of Calipatria Calipatria Boundary Calipatria SOI
City of El Centro El Centro Boundary El Centro SOI
City of Holtville Holtville Boundary Holtville SOI
City of Imperial Imperial Boundary Imperial SOI
City of Westmorland Westmorland Boundary Westmorland SOI

Special Districts


Bard Water District Bard Water District SOI
Bard Resource Conservation District Bard Resource Conservation District SOI
Bombay Beach Community Service District Bombay Beach Community Service District SOI
Cady Poe Colonia Cady Poe Colonia SOI
Central Valley Cemetery District Central Valley Cemetery District SOI
Coachella Valley Water District Coachella Valley Water District SOI
Gateway County Service Area Gateway County Service Area SOI
Heber Public Utility District Heber Public Utility District SOI
Heffernan Memorial Hospital District Heffernan Memorial Hospital District SOI
Imperial Irrigation District

IID Water Service Area/SOI                                           

IID Energy Service Area/SOI 

Niland County Sanitation District Niland County Sanitation District SOI
Niland County Service Area No.1 Niland County Service Area No.1 SOI
Palo Verde Conservation District Palo Verde Conservation District SOI
Palo Verde County Water District Palo Verde County Water District SOI
Palo Verde Irrigation District Palo Verde Irrigation District SOI
Pioneers Memorial Hospital District Pioneers Memorial Hospital District SOI
Riverview Cemetery District Riverview Cemetery District SOI
Salton Community Service District Salton Community Service District SOI
Seeley County Water District Seeley County Water District SOI
Winterhaven County Water District Winterhaven County Water District SOI