Special Districts

District  Phone Number Website
Bard Resource Conservation District 928-941-1016 None 
Bard Water District  760-572-0704 None
Bombay Beach Community Service District 760-354-1351 None
Cady Poe Colonia  442-265-1818         www.co.imperial.ca.us
Central Valley Cemetery District  760-352-1468 www.elcentrocemetery.com
Coachella Valley Water District  760-398-2651 www.cvwd.org 
Gateway of the America's 442-265-1818 www.co.imperial.ca.us
Heber Public Utility District  760-482-2440 www.heber.ca.gov
Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District  760-272-5228 www.heffernanmemorial.com
Imperial Irrigation District  760-339-9477 www.iid.com
Niland County Service Area No.1  760-482-4462 www.co.imperial.ca.us
Niland Sanitary District  760-359-0454 www.nilandsd.com
Palo Verde County Water District  760-854-3519 None 
Palo Verde Irrigation District  760-922-3144 www.pvid.org 
Palo Verde Resource Conservation District  760-922-3446 None 
Pioneer's Memorial Healthcare District  760-351-3333 www.pmhd.org 
Riverview Cemetery District  760-344-4921 www.riverviewcemeterydistrict.com
Salton Community Service District  760-394-4446 www.saltoncsd.ca.gov
Seeley County Water District  760-352-6612 www.seeleycountywaterdistrict.com
Winterhaven County Water District  760-572-0177 None