The Imperial County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is required to conduct Municipal Service Reviews (MSRs) for cities and special districts located within the County of Imperial. MSRs are a mandate from the state legislature requiring LAFCOs to look at future growth of how our local agencies are planning for the growth within our municipal services and infrastructure systems (Government Code 56430).

A Municipal Service Review (referred to as Service Area Plans (SAPs) in Imperial County) is a comprehensive study designed to better inform LAFCO, local agencies, and the community about the provision of municipal services. SAPs are done for every city and special district in Imperial County. State law currently requires that SAPs be prepared every 5 years and adopted prior to considering any changes to the city's or special district's Sphere of Influence. SAPs provide detailed information of various services produced by the city or special district including, but not limited to: fire protection, police protection, water & sewer, parks & recreation, and library services.